The DUCTZ technique of service takes pride in supplying families with healthier indoor air quality across the USA. Air Duct Cleaning and Coil Cleaning enables your heating and cooling unit to perform as they were initially specified and expected to when they were newly put in. Ductwork that has collected dirt and particles and coils that have become corroded will not condition your home as they were developed to do; air moves even better and faster over a clean surface. Our product and services not only reduce asthma and allergy triggers, but our HVAC Renovation services enable your home's HVAC device to work at top efficiency.

DUCTZ also offers Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning. Dryer Vent Cleaning is encouraged once-a-year and many dryer companies insist upon an annual professional dryer vent cleaning for you to sustain the dryer's manufacturer warranty. Although you clean up the lint filter each and every time, some lint gets past that trap and collects in the dryer vent (or exhaust). A clogged dryer vent means that your dryer is laboring harder and longer and may possibly cause a fire hazard if it gets too hot. Besides your family's protection, a clean dryer vent saves time and money by decreasing drying time and further wear on your clothes and dryer.

Our Process

As a brief overview, our process incorporates any number of 127 familiar and particular procedures. It takes an array of tools, machines, and materials. In addition, it comes with our unique patented procedure, which incorporates the application of a metallic barrier in the air handler, clearing away fiberglass shedding and keeping the fiberglass from simulating a porous sponge, which accumulates dirt and water and creates a breeding place for mold, bacteria, and other contaminants.

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